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We are a Therapeutic training organisation that seeks to empower professionals who are working with the impact of mental health in order to enhance the life experiences of children, young people and adults.

Our Vision

Our vision is for all children, young people and adults to have access to professionals who are qualified to enhance good mental health.
The School of Play and Creative Therapies is a therapeutic training organisation run by therapists. We have significant experience of working therapeutically with all age ranges and understand the holistic and diverse needs of our students. As experienced practitioners and educators in the field of mental health, our knowledge and experience has enabled us to consider the educational requirements for working therapeutically with children, young people, adults, parents, professionals and stakeholders.

Empowering Adults, Enhancing Futures

Our mission is to empower professionals who are working with the impact of mental health in order to enhance the life experiences of children, young people and adults.

Play and Creative Therapy

At School of Play and Creative Therapies, we recognise the profound impact of play therapy on mental health. Grounded in the belief that play is a natural language, we integrate this approach into our training programs, empowering professionals to skillfully navigate and enhance the well-being of individuals across various age groups.

Elevating Professional Growth

CPD opportunities are available to support Play Therapists, counsellors, psychologists, professionals within education, health and social care teams, parents including foster and adopted parents.

Therapeutic Training

We strive to bring good quality Continued Professional Development (CPD) and therapeutic training to those working with children, young people and adults. It is also our aim to work with the parents and carers of infants, children and young people. Our aim is to empower and develop practice and parenting and offer new perspectives to the support given.

Our experience has shown us how challenging it can be to understand what is driving someone’s behaviour. This may be a response to a traumatic event or experience. We understand that behaviour is usually a language which is showing us something that is upsetting the child or young person. They can often become dysregulated. They are unable to share cognitively what is upsetting them. At times like these, we can feel de-skilled when we cannot connect with a distressed or withdrawn child or young person. Our CPD and therapeutic training will support you to gain a deeper understanding of mental health and how you can support those you work with in a more meaningful way.

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In the home corner children often portray what they have experienced at home, what they have witnessed, or what they fantasise about

West,1996, p.74


At this moment we are offering high quality CPD, but look out for other accredited courses that will be launched in the future.

Visit our courses page to discover all our available courses. If there is anything you’d be interested in seeing that isn’t currently offered, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Our team has extensive experience of working in schools with children,
teachers, SENCO’s, parents and other professionals. We can offer training to staff and parents. We offer child observations and strategies for schools working and supporting children with complex needs. To find our more about bespoke training, please visit our consultancy page.

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