Newsletter: May 2024


Welcome to our sixth newsletter! Time has really moved faster than we could imagine. We have managed to achieve more than we thought and a big part of this is because of the support that we have had from you all. The messages of thanks and encouragement have made this project worthwhile. Have a read of what has happened and what is coming. We would love to hear from you and share your ideas. If you are able to share School of Play and Creative Therapies with others we would love it. 

This months top news

As mentioned in last month’s newsletter we have been busy writing new courses and are excited to announce the One Small Step Forward into Your World of Private Practice” course. 

Your first steps into Private Practice may be small, but it is a start of your new big adventure. How do you choose between being a sole trader, Limited Company (Ltd) or Community Interest Company (CIC) and what you do once you have decided this! 

Manuouvering through the logistics of setting up a business may feel daunting! This course will explore, equip and empower you with all you require for these next steps of your quest into Private Practice. 

This course will cover the fundamentals of: 

  • Business planning 
  • Marketing 
  • Sales 
  • Clinical requirements 
  • Policies 
  • Legal requirements 
  • Self-care

You will creatively explore this new part of your journey and who and what you would like your business to offer as you move forward. You will be able to take away templates of contracts and seven essential policies to utilise within your new practice.

Coming soon...

AutPlay® Therapy Training.

Delivered by Robert Grant, creator of AutPlay® Therapy for Neurodivergent Children and Young People.

When: 13/07/2024 – 14/07/2024 

Time: 9.30-4.30am. 

Venue: Box End Park, Box End, Bedford, MK43 8RQ. 

For more information visit the website

Delegates attending in person are invited to enjoy a free Sound Bath, after training on 13/07/2024

Once Upon a Trilogy. Live in Bristol

Once Upon an Archetype

When: 22/06/24

Time: 9.00 – 4.30

Venue: Bedminster Quaker Meeting House, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 5HX

Once Upon a Metaphor

When: 20/07/24

Time: 9.00 – 4.30

Venue:  Bedminster Quaker Meeting House, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 5HX

Once Upon an Anti-Hero

When: 05/10/24

Time:  9.00 – 4.30

Venue:   Bedminster Quaker Meeting House, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 5HX

New dates for the Once Upon Trilogy….. to be announced, delivery in different locations. Please do get in touch if you are interested in this training so we know what locations to consider.

One Small Step Forward into Your World of Private Practice

Facilitated by Jill Cooper 

When: 29/06/2024

Time: 9.00-4.00am. 

Online: £70.00

CPD Points: 6

Exploring the Therapeutic Benefits of Clay to Develop Resilience

Facilitated by Eileen Braham

When: 21/09/2024

Time: 9.00-4.00am. 

Venue: Eastry Village Hall, High Street Eastry, Kent, CT13 0HE

CPD Points: 6

What has been achieved in recent months

Delivery of ‘Clinical Assessments through a Systemic Lens.’

We had a very good informative morning with Eileen. She took us through the importance of clinical assessments and how they can make a big difference to your practice. For a topic that could be dry, this was well done. With thirteen people in attendance there was lots of discussion and shared expertees.

Delivery of ‘Web Therapy: Supporting Families in Crisis – Introduction.’ 

A big thankyou to all who got up early on their Saturday morning to join us for this introduction time. We are looking forward to the two day course on the 7th and 8th of September. BOOK NOW

Something to ponder on...

School of Play and Creative Therapies, Teaching, Training, Transforming.

Teaching, Training and Transformation are what we are about. They sum up what we want to achieve as a company.


Teaching is the process of helping others to understand new things. Educating others to find out more about a chosen topic. It is the concerted sharing of knowledge and experience.

  • We are all beneficiaries of teaching. From primary school through to higher education. We know that it is important and that it makes a difference. My own journey through the education system was not straightforward and I waited until I was in my mid 30’s before going back to take a B.Ed. in history and became a teacher. I am now a committed educationalist. However, teaching by itself is not the panacea to all the problems of the world. We also need training.

Training is the process of absorbing information in order to increase skills. To make sure that learners have the necessary skills for their job.

  • Training hones the knowledge we have gleaned and fine tunes it into useful skills. A committed sports person will find a trainer who can take the raw potential and mould it into athletic excellence. As we gain training for ourselves and apply it with authenticity and honesty we find that we begin our transformation into better therapists and better people

To change completely the appearance or character of something or someone, especially so that that thing or person is improved:

  • Within our work with people our final aim is to produce transformation. Our goal is to achieve  this with our students, our colleagues who come to have CPD with us and the clients that they work with.

Thanks for being part of the process

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